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Swimming Pool Dimension Detail

All “ROLL A SLAT” pool covers are supplied direct from factory to site in kit form, pre-sized to required dimensions. In order for a “ROLL A SLAT” pool cover to be sized correctly it is VITAL to ensure that accurate dimensions of the swimming pool are supplied at time of order placement and / or quotation stage.

“ROLL A SLAT” pool covers are ideally suited to the following standard pool shapes.

Non-standard shapes CAN be catered for subject to prior Inspection.

Roll-up Position - and direction g are generally as indicated above.

On rectangular and Square pool shapes, the Roll-up can be located at either end but DEEP end use is recommended as the Roll-up station’s will generally be “FIXED” in position at the time of installation.

Individual step areas can be accommodated with “LOOSE” step sections, if required, as opposed to being part of the main cover. The overall effectiveness of a “ROLL A SLAT” pool cover is not compromised if ± 85% of the pools surface area is covered.

In order for the correct supply of components it is required for a sketch to be supplied with each ORDER / ENQUIRY. This sketch must contain ACCURATE dimensions (in mm) as detailed. (See samples below).

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For all other pool shapes a DETAILED sketch is required indicating as many ACCURATE dimensions as possible.
NOTE (The more detail received the more accurate the product will be).

It is also important that the position of the ROLL-UP station is indicated. I.E. (at which end or side of the pool it is to be positioned).

All dimensions are required to be ACCURATE and supplied in millimetres (mm).
Estimated dimensions are accepted for BUDGET quotation purposes only.

If difficulty is found in taking or providing detailed dimensions a site visit can be arranged at a nominal charge.

These are the first requirements in pre-ordering of a “ROLL A SLAT” pool cover. On receipt a final price will be supplied to the contractor for perusal and acceptance prior to manufacture.

As all “ROLL A SLAT” pool covers are MADE TO ORDER a 60% deposit will be required with final order and the balance is payable prior to despatch from factory or on delivery to site.

If the cover is required to be INSTALLED, a site visit to assess the installation will be made and the additional costs thereof quoted prior to despatch.


“ROLL A SLAT” is not liable for any incorrectly fitting cover if INCORRECT DIMENSIONS were supplied at time of order placement.

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