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The slats used in the “ROLL A SLAT” system are made from a high grade ‘u’ PVC rigid material fully UV (ultra-violet) stabilized material ensuring long life and durability suited to the harsh South African weather conditions.

Each slat is individually made to a predetermined width and sealed at time of factory assembly with a specially designed “END CAP” to ensure that the slat does not allow water to enter into its cavities thus ensuring utmost buoyancy when installed on a swimming pool.

The end cap serves as an added buffer-protection to the individual slats from scraping against the swimming pool sides.

Each slat has three (3) individual cavities across its entire length, which, being AIRTIGHT allow for good insulation against heat losses whilst providing for some partial additional heating for the pool water.

Although the standard (and most common) colour is ‘OFF-WHITE’ the other standard colours available are ‘LIGHT BLUE’ and ‘MID GREY’.

In fact the “ROLL A SLAT” could be provided, on a made to order basis, in a range of colours to suit YOUR individual requirement.


The roller system is supplied in two (2) formats, being 1, for ABOVE POOL and 2, for IN-POOL systems. (ABOVE POOL)

For the above ground system the main roller tube is ALUMINIUM with all hardware / shafts, bolts Etc being Stainless Steel. The side mounting plates are generally fabricated from mild steel plate which is then galvanized and finished with an electrostatic epoxy power coating, protecting against corrosion from pool chemicals / salt water (as in salt chlorinated pools).

The stand assembly is, after assembly, enclosed by means of a cover fabricated from a UV stabilized ABS (plastic) cover to prevent contact with any moving parts by the user.

If the installed “ROLL A SLAT” system is used on outdoor pools a variety of cover designs can be supplied as added protection against UV conditions when the cover is to remain in the rolled-up position for long periods.

In indoor pool applications this is not considered to be a standard requirement. (IN POOL)

The IN-POOL design main roller tube is STAINLESS STEEL, or, in certain cases, PVC coated anodised Aluminium (not suitable for salt water chlorinated pools).

All other components are standard supplied in STAINLESS STEEL or a PE (polyethylene) synthetic material to prevent corrosion.



If the AUTO option is used the MOTOR drive is of a totally enclosed design operated by a 12 Volt DC motor. This motor is suitable for operation in Swimming Pool environments and does NOT pose any possibilities of electric shock.

The 12 Volt motor circuits have a battery back up for use when mains power has failed or tripped for any reason. This ensures that the “ROLL A SLAT” will never be in operable when mains power is unavailable.

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As an added feature each MOTOR drive is fitted with a CLUTCH mechanism that if mains and battery power fails the cover can be pulled on or off the pool manually.

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