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The “ROLL A SLAT” pool cover, manufactured in Johannesburg South Africa, is solely designed for use in covering of the Swimming Pool water when not in use. The cover is designed to meet both Local & International requirements of quality – durability and reliability.

The “ROLL A SLAT” range of covers are, individually made to size ensuring a perfect fit to the swimming pool. The standard sizes, for above ground use, range from 1.5 to 6.0 Metres in width and up to 20.0 Metres in length. Other sizes and In-pool options can be specifically made to suit requirements.


The “ROLL A SLAT” covers are manufactured using High Grade PVC slats, which are fully UV stabilized and suited for outdoor use in harsh weather conditions. The slats are finished (as standard) in an OFF WHITE colour in order to be neutral and blend in with most surroundings. Other colours are available such as LIGHT BLUE and NEUTRAL GREY. All ROLLER system components are assembled from Stainless Steel – Aluminium or Powder Coated materials ensuring corrosion resistance.


Each “ROLL A SLAT” cover slat is supplied completely sealed to prevent the ingress of water, designed to FLOAT on the waters surface, and on assembly are attached to a purpose designed manual ROLLER system (as standard) to ensure ease of operation. Power driven rollers are available as an option and are ideally suited to the larger pool size (above 30m²)


Each “ROLL A SLAT” cover slat is individually tested for leakages, prior to despatch from factory, in order to ensure maximum on-site reliability.


Each “ROLL A SLAT” cover system comes with a TWO-year warranty as standard against manufacturing defects. In addition the PVC cover slats carry a FIVE-year warranty against leakages (excluding any mechanical damage occurring to the slat).

(All warranty’s are subject to correct on-site installation).

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